Bad, bad M.A.C

6 Oct

This one time, it’s good to be bad!

All in the name of make-up!

M.A.C’s newest limited collection is called ‘Venomous Villains’, and looks so promising, i would fight for it!

Below, you find the 4 special series, which are named after notorious creatures we all know from our childhood: Cruella, Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Dr. Facilier!

With Halloween coming up, this might just be the perfect gift to pamper yourself with. 🙂

And these devilish products aren’t even that pricy! ( starts from 12 euro)

Now, don’t run to your M.A.C-store yet, because this limited edition will only be available as of  the 9th of october.

I’ve  yet made my wishlist 🙂



My wishlist

Cruella serie

Dr. Facilier serie

Maleficent serie

Evil Queen serie


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