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Make-up for Life

19 Dec


Every year, our national radio station, Studio Brussel, organizes ‘Music for Life’: A week filled with charity events, warmth and care, music and love! Normally, the money they raise goes to one big organization. But this year Studio Brussel decided to leave the choice of volunteer organization up to us. Which makes it possible to support all these smaller, but equally deserving, causes.

Now, trooper Joy Anna Thielemans came up with the idea to have an ‘Antwerpen for Life‘-afternoon upcoming sunday! Boom!


During this afternoon, a group of friends will be offering their talent in exchange for your well-needed euros.

What will I be doing? I will be selling my make-uptime. Would you like beauty advice? Have you always been dreaming of a glamorous look, done by a professional? This is your chance! Every 30 minutes, I will be more than happy to welcome a new ‘costumer’!!! Maybe you can be one of them! Book your place here.

What organization will I be supporting? My extra support goes to Altijd Mooi‘, a concept of 4 ladies that embraces women in need of extra help to lift up their quality of life and looks during/after major illness. Because every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin!

Antwerpen. Wasbar. Sunday.

Be there, be beautiful and be aware! Let’s hand out warmth and euros!




How to win a Get in the Loop – membership? #wellness

31 Aug

We all like a bit of pampering, right!

Creating some me-time or one-on-one moments with the lover. But we also know that it comes with a price.

Especially for young beauty-lovers, it’s almost impossible to go on a wellness-trip of any sort.

For those who do want to experience these lovely trips with a well-deserved discount, there is a new platform coming to Belgium: Get in the Loop.

Afbeelding 14

This community already exists in Canada for quite some time, with lots of succes. So it was just a matter of time before they’d hit the European market!

But how does Get in the Loop work exactly?

It’s very simple.

Surf to the Get in the Loop – website and subscribe yourself as a member by paying a subscription fee of just 39 euros. From the moment you’re a premium member, you can not only enjoy all the reductions, but you’ll also be invited to all the Get in the Loop-events. As you can see on the website, Get in the Loop has hooked up with the best wellness centers, hotels en B&B’s in Belgium!

Ideal for us, hedonists!

I’ve subscribed myself already, and tested the new wellness center Aquarein at Grobbendonk. And halleluja, how I enjoyed my stay! Normally, when I use a reduction coupon, I always get the feeling that I’m inferior to the other clients. But here I felt so at ease and special. Mhmmm, I wanna go back…



Now, because I really believe in the Get in the Loop – concept, ànd because I love you guys, I have two premium memberships to give away.

How can you win a Get in the Loop – membership?

3 easy steps:

1. Subscribe yourself to http://www.lifeislikeaboxofmakeup.wordpress.com

2. Follow my life is like a box of make-up – page

3. Send me your name and phone number to info@sabinepeeters.com

This all before the 7th of September!

Big kiss,


Gitta Deckers

12 Jun

Having some hectic weeks over here! I’m running from edito to press shoot to commercial client to meeting to whatever … The pressure is on, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing!

One of my favourite shoots found place on a sweaty sunday with the collection of fashion student Gitta Deckers.

The plan was to make a small video after we did the pictures with some of her beautiful pieces!

GittaDeckers_13_ 21

GittaDeckers_13_ 17

GittaDeckers_13_ 8

GittaDeckers_13_ 25

Gitta found her inspiration in the lines and muscles of the human body, which I thought was a fantastic approach!

To translate this into a video, she booked the most amazing young model! Her name is Aliane, and she was so dedicated and graceful, but hard and powerful at the same time.

Just have a look for yourself… (tip: Pump up the volume while watching!)


Designer: Gitta Deckers

Photography & direction: Tomas Vandecasteele

Camera: Jorre Janssens and Sam De Backer

Model: Aliane @ Flagmodels

Make-up&hair: Sabine Peeters



Attitude, Swimwear Edition

29 Apr

Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by you know how I feel

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

These Nina Simone lyrics kinda translate the feeling of our latest Attitude-shoot…

Make-up is sunny, the light as well. The model is hot, the styling as well. We had a great day with a great team, resulting into great pictures!

According to Lifeislikeaboxofmakeup-traditions, we top off with some backstage pictures:

Doing pretty face - ugly face

Doing pretty face – ugly face









My favourite pictures of the series….

Photography: Tomas Vandecasteele

Assistant: Jan Vandevyver

Styling: Federica Sarra

Model: Paulien Riemis @ Dominique Models

Make-up@hair: Me


537355_438338369590523_1979024970_nAttitude Badpakken 103501Attitude Badpakken 103116Attitude Badpakken 103331Attitude Badpakken 103393Attitude Badpakken 103270


8 Apr

A friend of mine asked me for some cool smokey eye-inspiration, so I fluttered through my make-upfiles and came up with this….

Oh yeah, don’t forget to scroll down for some smokey facts aswell!

Aeelding 10Afbeelccding 1Afbeeldibbbng 18Afbeeldig 196Afbeelding 126Afbeelding 161Afbeelding fe20Afbeeldingddd 33

Afbeeldingfdsg 16Afbeeldingre 21

Afbeyyelding 20

draft_lens15192431module131886961photo_1289264530purple-smokey-eyesfffelfregtgmakeup-tip-black-eye-shadow_articleimageOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsmokey eyes look catwalkSmoky_Eyes_Makeup_5tumblr_mchi6wMw2v1rzkz37o1_400vogue-paris-november-2012-figures-de-caracteres-sylvia-gobbelzoo-1009-seri-13

Some facts on smokey eyes:

1. In ancient times people used charcaol mixed with oil to create smokey eyes. They applied it not for esthetic reasons, but to protect their eyes from the sun.

2. ‘Smokey eye’ is the name of the technique (blending eye shadow from intense to soft), it’s not a synonym for black panda eyes.

3. You can use every colour to create that smokey eye.


Smokey eyes, twenties-style

4. Every decade had a signature smokey eye! For example in the twenties, the shape of smokey eyes was very rounded.

5. Use a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye to intensify the look.

6. For a cool and less glamorous smokey eye, use creamy eye shadow instead of the powdery version.

SHOOT., episode 4: My dad on set

4 Apr

How cute was my dad in last night’s episode of SHOOT.? The sweetheart was playing musician at a family-style bridal shoot  for Loving You and Flair magazine!

Some backstage pics!

My look of the day...

My look of the day…

Backstage with my dad, getting dressed

Backstage with my dad, getting dressed

Doesn't my dad look handsome!

Doesn’t he look handsome!

Models are ready!

Models are ready!





Some results

Some results

5 tips to groom a guy:

1. Refresh his face with some Bioderma and prep his skin with a suitable moisturizer.

2. Use a more transparant foundation… A man’s skin is structurally tougher, and will look liveless with too much product.

3. Brush his eyebrows and give them a trim when necessary.

4. Powder his forehead, nose and chin.

5. End with a hint of lipbalm.


Lots of love,


SHOOT., episode 3: Eyebrow obsession

31 Mar

You should know by now that I can go on for hours about eyebrows. It’s getting more and more compulsive… Rehab is calling :-)

But you have to admit, it’s an interesting topic! How these few tiny pieces of hair can change so much for a womans’ face, is just fascinating. An eyebrow can even make you famous!


Frido Kahlo, with her famous unibrow

Frida Kahlo, with her famous unibrow

No brows for Mona Lisa, which eliminated every expression in her face. Result: Decades of discussion if she looks said or smiley.

No brows for Mona Lisa. Result: Decades of discussions on what she is expressing.

Even in ancient Egypt, the eyebrow was an important element in female expression

Even in ancient Egypt, the eyebrow was an important element in female expression.


Throughout the last century, eyebrow-fashion changed almost every decade.

A brief look…


During the  twenties and thirties, eyebrows were very thin, round and downwards at the end.

During the twenties and thirties, eyebrows were very thin, round and going downwards at the end.

Brows during the fourties were still quite thin, but already had a more natural shape.

Brows during the fourties were still quite thin, but already had a more natural shape.

The fifties-brow

The fifties-brow is sexy, full, perfectly shaped, with the highest point off 2/3 of the eyebrow.

During the sixties the eyebrows are softer, fuller, with less of an angle,

The sixties-brow is a softer, slightly fuller version of the fifties-brow.


The eighties exposed full, bushy brows. Hardly any epilation going on here!


In my humble opinion, the nineties-brow is the worst of them all! Way too thin and artificial.

Nowadays we go for natural, slightly groomed eyebrows, with power!

Nowadays we go for natural, slightly groomed eyebrows, with power!


SHOOT!, Episode 1: Paris – Serge Lutens

14 Mar

Hello ladybugs,

Have you seen the first episode yet of my new program SHOOT!?

I hope you liked it!! I died a thousand deaths… My god… How strange is it to hear your own voice and see your own face through a tv-screen…

Now, in this first episode, you saw me paying a visit to the breathtaking concept-beautystore of Serge Lutens.


Serge Lutens shop

@ Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens shop

@ Serge Lutens

@Serge Lutens

@ Serge Lutens

@ Serge Lutens

@ Serge Lutens

Gotcha ;-)

Gotcha ;-)

Serge Lutens is beautyheaven, with all personalized perfumes and high-end make-upproducts. So this girl could not keep Mister Creditcard in her pocket ;-)


What I bought at Serge Lutens: Kohl Eyeliner and Kohl Eyeliner Intensifying

What I bought at Serge Lutens: Kohl Eyeliner and Kohl Eyeliner Intensifying


Now, in de meantime I’ve used these products more than a few times, and honestly: It’s not worth the money (55 euros). Ok, the packaging is exquisite. But the product itself is too fixed. It’s almost impossible to work with it, although the saleswoman told me otherwise…

Recap: Serge Lutens is a beautiful, fairytale-kinda shop, but don’t get overwhelmed by the wonderful make-upproducts… They’re not really worth it…

Serge Lutens Boutique - Les Salons du Palais Royale, Paris



What I’ve been up to

10 Mar

Hi beauty,

These last few weeks have been so so hectic! Lots of shoots, making pretty birds even prettier, working on my health, preparing for the television show I’m attending…

Words can’t really describe how it all went down, so I will be taking you on a trip down instagram-lane to give you more of an idea…

Here we go…


Product testing!

Product testing!

Make-up&hair looks I created...

Make-up&hair-looks I created…


Backstage fun!

Backstage fun!

Little bit of me-time!

Little bit of me-time!


…And in between it all, our tv-show SHOOT! got presented to the press! Oh my, I was such a nervous wreck! But we rocked it!



My make-up for the event

My make-up for the event


The outfit!Dress by COS

The outfit!
Dress by COS

With two of my team members, Sofie and Yvonne

With two of my team members, Sofie and Yvonne

Oh my!

Oh my!

Giving the press my best modeling poses!

Giving the press my best modeling poses!

*no comment

*no comment

Official picture!

Official picture!



A romantic look for Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Sooooo……. Have you decided yet how you gonna seduce your hubbie tonight?

I suggest: Make your make-up look as fresh and innocent as possible.

Why? Because it’s fashionable to stay natural and go for pastel and shimmery colours. And ofcourse because men prefer untouched beauty. Like a virgin, owww.

Now last tuesday I had a one-on-one trend masterclass with the lovely Elke Willemen (senior make-upartist for MAC Benelux), and she showed me how to create that beautiful, natural, healthy look!


The key products

The key products

A woman can never have enough make-upbrushes!

A woman can never have too many make-upbrushes!

Love them MAC creamproducts and highlighters!

Love them MAC creamproducts and highlighters!

The look on my beautiful model Louise

The look on my beautiful model Louise

5 steps to create this look:

1. Prepare your skin with a moisturizer.

2. Use a mineralizing foundation to create that healthy glow.

3. Go for a creamblush!

4. The MAC Paint Pots are perfect for a shimmery touch on your eyelids

5. Apply a pearly powder or cream on top of your pink lipstick!

Et voilà! Ready for another romantic valentine!

Lots of love,



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