The Half Up Bun

23 Oct

I’m not gonna lie about it, i’m one lucky girl when it comes to great hair. Call me blessed in that department!

And still, I almost always wear it in a bun. Every time again, when my mom sees me, she shakes her head, hating the bun on my head and finding it a pity that I don’t wear my wavy hair down.

So I started looking for another cool hairstyle that kept the hair out of my face without loosing the length of it, and I bumped into ‘the half up bun’…..

Are you digging this hairtrend?


IMG_8820main.original.585x0tumblr_mwdl9gjM4f1qah5ozo1_1280tumblr_n6i5pqksLc1ravbodo1_12805638ff698bcd6c1733ae2393ed605236293958-800w293963-800w300051-800w1-Le-Fashion-Blog-19-Ways-To-Wear-A-Half-Up-Top-Knot-Bun-Ombre-Hair-Via-Alexandra-Spencer-4th-And-Bleeker 1b4f2319dd9385f9f75b632afe4c2b6a 3-Le-Fashion-Blog-19-Ways-To-Wear-A-Half-Up-Top-Knot-Bun-Long-Blonde-Hair-Vest-Via-Love-Blair 5-Le-Fashion-Blog-19-Ways-To-Wear-A-Half-Up-Top-Knot-Bun-Blonde-Hair-Camilla-Rowe-Via-HM-Denim 2e9528925be4e6f10cdfd90deb48f49d 6-Le-Fashion-Blog-19-Ways-To-Wear-A-Half-Up-Top-Knot-Bun-Long-Hair-Rings-Via-Johanne-Bruun 8-Le-Fashion-Blog-19-Ways-To-Wear-A-Half-Up-Top-Knot-Bun-Highlights-Hair-Via-Oracle-Fox 14-Le-Fashion-Blog-19-Ways-To-Wear-A-Half-Up-Top-Knot-Bun-Short-Bob-Hair-Via-Still-With-You 19-Le-Fashion-Blog-19-Ways-To-Wear-A-Half-Up-Top-Knot-Bun-Blonde-Highlights-Hair-Via-Eurowoman 37de2fe6903f328b7269e0e9af2ea8c2 427c16353bc1f34f468a3bacbf9f4b0c


Moodboard Monday – Simple Love

20 Oct

It’s monday again! For many of you not the loveliest day of the week, so let me light you up.

For my Moodboard Monday I’m influenced by the love I have for my godchild, Elise.

Elise and I <3

Elise and I <3



She is the cutest, happiest, most gorgeous 7month old I know. Not being biased at all ;-).

This chubby and smiley little creature rocks my world and shows me what should rule nowadays: Simple love. No complexity, no games, just pure and positive energy…


Elise inspires me by just being her playful self. Bless my babe….


Moodboard of the Mind

Moodboard of the Mind


Moodboard Monday

13 Oct

I’m a make up artist that works with emotions… It’s not all about technique.

So when I prepare myself for a photoshoot, I rather prefer to create a moodboard instead of a face chart….

That’s why I’m launching a new category on my blog…. Moodboard Monday!


Today’s mood: Airy, free, nature, openness, colourful, greatness


Schermafbeelding 2014-10-13 om 16.56.21

Crazy about my readers – The Antwerp Book Fair

11 Oct

2,5 weeks it has been… My baby is growing up :-)

‘Make Up’ is discovering the world, and I think it’s enjoying the wild ride!

By the way, have I told you that I have the greatest readers ever?

Sending me flowers, bottles of wine, cards, presents, and the CUTEST instagrams! I really adore these little moments you girls are sharing with me, where you are reading my book and applying the looks I explain. What more can I wish for!

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-11 om 14.28.40

Crazy about my readers <3


To enjoy more of your loyalty and enthusiasm, I’ll be present at the Antwerp Book Fair!

Crazy actually, if you think about it. My whole childhood and teenage years I went to this oversized book fair with my dad (call it a precious daughter/daddy moment), snuggling with books, discovering new names, intoxicated by the smell of paper, ink and cheap coffee. banner-boekenbeurspagina_8

And now, I’m sitting there, hopefully talking to lots of beauty lovers and signing all of your books!

So how does my agenda looks like?

On the 4th of november there will be an open interview at 8pm with yours truly about my book ‘Make Up’, beauty, and body image! Followed by an signing session ofcourse!

On the 8th of november, from 3 ’till 6pm,  it’s practical make up time baby! You can find me at the Lannoo’s, applying beauty products on your beautiful faces! So drop by for that cool shade of lipstick, or smoldering smokey eye! You’re more than welcome! Afterwards I’ll be signing your books again ;-)

See you all there!

And to get your fine asses over there, I’ve received 25 duo tickets for the Antwerp Book Fair to hand out to you! Check this link to find out how to win these tickets! Good luck!





You wanna buy my book? #readersdiscount

28 Sep

Hi my lovely readers,

What a week it was…. I have no words to describe the importance of the launch of my first book ‘Make Up’… I had 3 months to create my personal bible. Three months. A period filled with lots of ‘normal’ work, photoshooting trips and worrying about my dad (who was really ill, but is totally ok now). And in the meantime there was this book, that took form. I literally worked day and night to put my heart in it. Crazy times!

So it’s no surprise the launch of my book felt like giving birth and having a wedding at the same time.

And it turned out to be a fantastic night! My god!
I don’t even know where to start! So maybe these pictures can give you an idea….

(P.S.: Don’t forget to scroll down for a little surprise ;-))



Hey, and what do you think of my gorgeous dress of Curvies and accessories of Lily and the lady!

Nowwwwww, it’s present time!!!

If you use this link, you’ll receive a 15% reduction on the online purchase of my book Make Up! Holla to that, right!!

Kisses to everybody from a proud proud mom ;-)




My Modern Muse: The Delightful Dita

8 Sep

We all have them… Secretly or very openly. That one person that inspires you, that gives you the power to be who you want to be.

Estee-Lauder-Fall-2013-Modern-Muse-CampaignCool to see how Estée Lauder named their latest fragrance ‘Modern Muse’! Because we all can relate to it, in our own way!

Personally, I have several muses: My mom, Beyoncé, Dita von Teese…
Especially this last one tickles my imagination!

For me, Dita is an incredible woman… She exudes femininity, style, independence, freedom, tenderness and a sexual power in an überclassy way.
Something a lot of women struggle with, this sexual power. How is it that when we are in tune with our body, sensuality and our physical longings, we immediately get the ‘slutty’-stamp on our foreheads? Being a woman does also mean: Having fantasies, being flirty, having orgasms, sharing experiences…. Being a woman is fun! Having a female body is fun! Enjoy it, explore it!

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-08 om 15.17.13

Tribal and Ethnic influences in beauty

4 Aug

Facepainting has been around forever, and in almost every culture. And man oh man, it fascinates me like crazy!

Tribal make-up mainly came in handy for military, cultural, religious and practical reasons. But the opportunity for tribes to express  themselves through bodypainting can not be ignored. Diverse patterns, created under the influence of cultural events, reflect personal, emotional states. In some cultures every step in the development from boyhood to adolescence to adulthood is marked with a specially created, colourful ‘make-over’. The design of these facepaintings often refer to traditional masks, and are so so beautiful and intense, that we can easily call it art. One of the very first…

Observe the many onbelievably beautiful examples….



fb52c3468d07a5a1f5deb8beac1adf39ff202d6b27c4a181461a24eb51533c76Gerewol Festivalimages-1African people Kikuyu, Kenyap1020547200-2PG5BshivaAP_India_Hindu_festival_05oct11-878x582sing-sing-group-member-with-face-paint-mt-hagen-cultural-show-papua-new-guinea.jpg.gifstorehouse_of_cultural_memory_image1tribal2TvyamNb-BivtNwcoxtkc5xGBuGkIMh_nj4UJHQKuprgsz4f7X7xbNQ9G6xnTYXLXWIhpNPNV2J1ff0ddfa2811342c3e_Kosovo-545x545f1cb1e994a12023a46cd3e3d4cc85414face-cultural1dbdfff42e561270c4bde9b8b01b987cde3f66c2d16cf1fcaee580322dfc5135be818ce91e29c82882e2520ee4f902ecdea3c3366fdf59eb77d8ac2e6b08fb182Body-art-1CJLUD00ZGirl Wearing Tribal Face Paint97ce2c4a45f0e1500955d8820131861c329a92a60a16dc3dd3d31003e45b6bb7339c7eda42bc551b8ebc31ac4be9735d309958087_cb0d4b711e3742594987_7e27c4a8c0a01_10023061abc5b6a43dbbb0de5c9156fa0b2b6a57b6facf09f1c78483693e75968e03efbc8de09f1a606b83d0ace57733a4f7b79d038bec7901a04c14162002728f038d5b




In edito-world many brilliant make-upartists use this ethnic beauty as a source to create looks beyond awesomeness….
Some examples:


1HerringHerring_DModecover Style: "fever ray 2" 47f8ec8d53c62750e496b9fcdf23d14b 75d5c65a5ed2c9a8c1f3ae58b626b4a9 251653-800w 275273-800w9380cabdc7f73fa10e85b7c3e0f318ba 276531-800w277092-800w280503-800w 10394489_10203409040363288_1013190590088466274_n a6f438cf47f44764673e50e709090b94 b89e0411314c738d0396ae4de36a9929 CalloftheWild cf6a455140d7032d74c9be214749b671d5de11ddf10f9edc7898e658fe11ffda enhanced-buzz-30872-1394469085-7 fd1b73f820ec55c2fa107e76e7daecc4 images-2 images-3 men-at-work-visual-tales o-VOGUE-BLACKFACE-570-1 o-VOGUE-BLACKFACE-570-3 v-man-w10-tokyo-01 v-man-w10-tokyo-02 vogue-australia-2014-04-apr-189130132507 vogue-fre-0209-expre03 vogue-germ-0710-welten-04 wallpaper-1007-hardware-0cc6 tumblr_mzxee1OYei1qh60o9o1_500velvet-0908-colore-01bvogue-jp-0412-abstract-04yannis-bournias4


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