Make-up trend 2014: Bare Face Beauty

30 Dec

Trends come and go. And come. And go.

And return again.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with things.

Well, with one look, you’ll never get out of style: A bare, natural face.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘bare’ is never really uncovered. Not even babies wake up this cute and glossy.

You’ll still need a few key products to attain this look, as there are:

  1. Corrector
  2. Concealer
  3. Lipbalm (you can also use this to highlight your eyelids)
  4. Eyelash curler
  5. Eyebrowgel/pencil
  6. Not always necessary, but may give you a little bit more of a sparkle: One layer of mascara + soft, pink blush.

    Correctors M.A.C, concealer Touche Eclat Yves Saint Laurent, lip butter Korres, eyebrow powder Laura Mercier, eyelash curler Hema, mascara Yves Rocher, cream blush Née

    Correctors M.A.C, concealer Touche Eclat Yves Saint Laurent, lip butter Korres, eyebrow powder Laura Mercier, eyelash curler Hema, mascara Yves Rocher, cream blush Née

Et voila, it’s actually thàt simple.

Remember my words: 2014. Bare face beauty.





Make-up for Life

19 Dec


Every year, our national radio station, Studio Brussel, organizes ‘Music for Life’: A week filled with charity events, warmth and care, music and love! Normally, the money they raise goes to one big organization. But this year Studio Brussel decided to leave the choice of volunteer organization up to us. Which makes it possible to support all these smaller, but equally deserving, causes.

Now, trooper Joy Anna Thielemans came up with the idea to have an ‘Antwerpen for Life‘-afternoon upcoming sunday! Boom!


During this afternoon, a group of friends will be offering their talent in exchange for your well-needed euros.

What will I be doing? I will be selling my make-uptime. Would you like beauty advice? Have you always been dreaming of a glamorous look, done by a professional? This is your chance! Every 30 minutes, I will be more than happy to welcome a new ‘costumer’!!! Maybe you can be one of them! Book your place here.

What organization will I be supporting? My extra support goes to Altijd Mooi‘, a concept of 4 ladies that embraces women in need of extra help to lift up their quality of life and looks during/after major illness. Because every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin!

Antwerpen. Wasbar. Sunday.

Be there, be beautiful and be aware! Let’s hand out warmth and euros!




New must visit: Alex&Ed Studio

15 Dec


I’ve been away for some time.

Waiting for a story that would grab me by the imaginary balls, and shake me up.

Because let us be honest. Words have no meaning without the proper enthusiasm.


Alex, Ed and I

Now, was I one happy trooper when the news got confirmed that the hair salon of make-upartist Alex Valverde and hairstylist Ed Moelands got open for business!

From the moment I started working as a make-up&hair artist, these two were a big source of inspiration to me.

For those who don’t know these two major artists (shame on you)… A small recap of their careers until now:

Ed Moelands moved from The Netherlands to Antwerp, after he had finished his bachelor in Graphic Design. Inspired by our rich and opulent culture, Ed started growing as a hairstylist, up till the point he just had to go to Paris to explore how far his talents could take him. Far, very far, to say the least. Think Peter Lindbergh, Tim Walker, Miles Aldridge, Ellen von Unwerth. Think Vogue, Numéro, I-D, Lancôme, Kenzo, Chivenchy, Dolce&Gabanna. Have I said enough?

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-11 om 22.25.04

And although being the personal hairdresser of celebs like Shakira and Katy Perry is one hell of an achievement, Ed prefers to chat about his collabs with the Belgian designers. That’s where his heart is, what makes his eyes sparkle, you can feel it when you talk to him. Cuteness galore. Not to forget how sincerely proud he is of his work with Belgian powerduo Ronald Stoops and Inge Grognard on the ‘Antwerp Icons’-series!

Ed Moelands for AF Vandevorst

Ed Moelands for AF Vandevorst

Ed Moelands for Walter van Beirendonck

Ed Moelands for Walter Van Beirendonck

Ed's work on one of the 'The Icons'-installation.

Ed’s work on one of the ‘Antwerp Icons’-installation.

Alex Valverde, the significant other of Ed, got in touch with make-up at a young age, while he was living in Paris. After a few experimental years in theater and fashion, Alex jumped at a the chance to assist big names such as Path McGrath and Stéphane Marais. Which earned him a spot at a lot of shows and photo shoots worldwide. 10 years ago, Alex decided to settle down in Antwerp, where he started working for Dominique Models. Since 3 years, Alex can call himself Belgian Ambassador of Max Factor, which makes him the sweetheart of a lot of journalists :-). Everybody loves him!

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-11 om 21.49.45

Psychology says 1 + 1 = 3. This also applies to the Alex&Ed Studio.

It doesn’t only offer us the opportunity to get pampered by two amazing artists. Alex&Ed Studio exudes knowledge, luxury, and a kind of Gemütichkeit that is hard to describe.



How to make that life saving hair appointment?

Details: Alex&Ed Studio, Ernest Van Dijckkaai 10, 2000 Antwerpen. 0032 3/344 92 44

Kiehl’s meets Wouters&Hendrix Give-away!

7 Oct


Yes birdies,

The give-away bell is ringing again! DownloadedFile-1

This time Life is Like a Box of Makeup is teaming up with beautybrand Kiehl’s, and heart-melting Belgian jewelry designers Wouters&HendrixContinue reading

Challenge yourself! #minitriatlon #northseachallenge

18 Sep

I’m writing this post with stiffness in my muscles and happy tears in my eyes.

Remember these writings?

I made a promise to myself and my trainer that I wanted to finish a 1/8th triatlon this summer. And you know what? I did it. Last sunday I  came, saw and overcame the mini-triatlon of Mechelen. Although I died like 5 times during the race, the feeling afterwards was undescribable.

First there was relief. Then overall tiredness. And now, I only feel proud and emotional.

I can recommend it to everyone!

At the start: 270 participants in highly professional wetsuits.  And then you have me, with a white bum and no protection against the cold water.

At the start: 270 participants in highly professional wetsuits.
And then you have me, with a white bum and no protection against the cold water.

Very proud that I made it within time :-)

Very proud that I made it within time :-)

Big big kiss to everyone who cheered for me!

After being very ill last month I never thought I could get in shape again so quickly.

I especially want to thank my trainers Max and Greet from Outside the Box who had the unfortunate task to turn me from a couch potato into a recreational sporter.

And ofcourse my parents and brother, who encouraged me like a bunch of cheerleaders ;-)

NOW. images

Does my story make you want to get out of your seat and get busy?

Than I have the perfect first occasion for you upcoming sunday (21th of sept): North Sea Challenge.

This recreational sports event along the Belgian coastline is organized by VZW Walkabout, who wants to guide people to and through a sportive challenge. We are capable of so much more than we think, and that’s what they want to prove. PDC20130528-04196

All profits that are made by VZW Walkabout go directly to Kom Op Tegen Kanker, which makes it all even more invaluable!

My mom and I will be taking our bikes to participate in the 30k (taking it easy after last sunday) and will be enjoying the bbq afterwards.

You want to join us? Subscription is still possible on the website. So don’t hesitate! It’s going to be a great day!

Are you in?

All my love,


The winners! #getintheloop

9 Sep

Faith has decided and we found our two winners of the Get in the Loop – competition!

The lucky girls who can enjoy a Get in the Loop-membership and all its benefits are:

Liesbeth Housen and Anneke De Meuter!

Congrats and keep me posted on all the wellness adventures!

Big kiss xxx


How to win a Get in the Loop – membership? #wellness

31 Aug

We all like a bit of pampering, right!

Creating some me-time or one-on-one moments with the lover. But we also know that it comes with a price.

Especially for young beauty-lovers, it’s almost impossible to go on a wellness-trip of any sort.

For those who do want to experience these lovely trips with a well-deserved discount, there is a new platform coming to Belgium: Get in the Loop.

Afbeelding 14

This community already exists in Canada for quite some time, with lots of succes. So it was just a matter of time before they’d hit the European market!

But how does Get in the Loop work exactly?

It’s very simple.

Surf to the Get in the Loop – website and subscribe yourself as a member by paying a subscription fee of just 39 euros. From the moment you’re a premium member, you can not only enjoy all the reductions, but you’ll also be invited to all the Get in the Loop-events. As you can see on the website, Get in the Loop has hooked up with the best wellness centers, hotels en B&B’s in Belgium!

Ideal for us, hedonists!

I’ve subscribed myself already, and tested the new wellness center Aquarein at Grobbendonk. And halleluja, how I enjoyed my stay! Normally, when I use a reduction coupon, I always get the feeling that I’m inferior to the other clients. But here I felt so at ease and special. Mhmmm, I wanna go back…



Now, because I really believe in the Get in the Loop – concept, ànd because I love you guys, I have two premium memberships to give away.

How can you win a Get in the Loop – membership?

3 easy steps:

1. Subscribe yourself to

2. Follow my life is like a box of make-up – page

3. Send me your name and phone number to

This all before the 7th of September!

Big kiss,



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